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304 Kitchenware • Quality Life, Committed to Creating 304 Kitchenware Leader

Chaozhou Behrens Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Caitang Town, "Hometown of Stainless Steel Products in China" and "China Stainless Steel Products Industry Base".
 The founder of the Belens brand was inspired by German BEHRENS in 1868. BEHRENS is one of the important founders of German modernist design, a pioneer in industrial product design, and a designer and creator of the famous industrial products of the German "Industry Alliance". Known as "modern industrial art designer", he is also a true industrial designer in the world.
The German Industrial Alliance was established in 1907 with the purpose of promoting industrial design ideas from all walks of life and promoting "high-quality industrial products". The slogan of the Industrial Alliance is "high-quality products." Therefore, the mission of our BEHRENS company always adheres to the principle of "making only high-quality products and focusing on service-304 kitchenware • quality life, committed to creating 304 kitchenware leader".
 The company's products are positioned in high-end markets, targeted at markets such as supermarkets, exporters, gifts, and e-commerce. The products include stainless steel soup pots, milk pans, steamers, woks, kettles, saucepans, bowls, tableware, and other 304 stainless steel kitchenware. Rich and exquisite details, trusted and praised by the vast number of consumers, sold well throughout the country and abroad.



Chaozhou Behrens Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd.

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